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Get A Grip - On the Bible

September 2020

  This Bible study guide is different from most. It is designed to give enough information to familiarize you with each book but not overwhelm you. The books covered in the guide are Genesis through Ruth. Subsequent study guides will cover the remaining books.

  For context, I discuss the author, why and when each book was written, and for whom it was written. Additionally, I discuss the culture and history of the time.

  A few key stories from each book are shared in “story-telling” format. The stories chosen will be those that present key doctrines that appear consistently throughout the Bible.

  Your goal should be to remember just one or two things about each book.

  My objective is to give you confidence in your ability to read and understand the Bible.

  This study guide has been formatted for use by Sunday school classes, small group Bible studies, and individuals.

  God bless you as you study His Word!

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